Bobble Presse




A good start point with coffee to water ratio is around 60g of coffee to 1000ml of water. This holds true with the Bobble Presse; I could get 20g of coffee into the basket and added 330ml of water which was just to the lower fill mark inside the cup.  This comes in handy if you are out and about as you know that the ratio is full basket and lower fill line.


Weigh your selected coffee and grind to a medium setting.  If you think very fine at the bottom of the range is like cinnamon and the top end is like raw sugar you want to be somewhere in the middle.  This is where adjustments can be made if the brew is too weak or strong, I will come to that later on.

Get your kettle on to boil with enough water for the brew.  Many people will quote temperatures of 94 – 96 degrees Celsius as the perfect temperature.  Boiling water won’t take long to drop to that temperature, so maybe give it 30 seconds if you can’t measure the temperature.

Add 20g of freshly ground coffee to the Bobble Presse cup or fill the basket as a guide and tip into the cup.  Place the cup onto your scales and tare the scales to zero. Pour in 330g of water into the cup, start your timer and give it a stir.

After 3 minutes place the plunger into the cup and press gently until it reaches the bottom.  Be careful that you don’t burn your hands as the steam vents through the holes.

That’s it your coffee is ready, if you find its a little weak you could make the grind a little finer or indeed more coarse if you found it too strong.

The great thing about coffee brewing is that you can experiment and adjust things to your liking, while you are experimenting you can makes notes until you achieve your perfect settings.