The French Press





Depending on the French Press you have and how many cups you are planning to make the following ratios are recommended. Remember 1ml water = 1g

  • 2 to 3 cups – 35g Coffee, 500ml water
  • 3 to 4 cups – 52.5g Coffee, 750ml water
  • 4 to 5 cups – 70g Coffee, 1000ml water



Weigh your selected coffee and grind to a medium-course setting.  If you think very fine at the bottom of the range is like cinnamon and the top end is like raw sugar you want to be somewhere near the top end.  This is where adjustments can be made if the brew is too strong or weak to your liking;  however its still needs to be reasonably course otherwise too much coffee will come through the filter and it will be difficult to press.

Get your kettle on to boil with enough water for the brew, to rinse/preheat your french press and maybe preheat your mug.  Many people will quote temperatures of 94 – 96 degrees Celsius, I don’t worry about this too much as by the time your kettle has turned off, you give your french press a rinse/preheat and actually got to start your brew your water will have cooled enough.

Fill your french press to rinse and preheat.  Preheating will ensure the water temperature doesn’t change too much when you come to brew.

Weigh out your coffee based on the ratios shown above and grind to a medium-course setting.

Unless you have been hanging around your water shouldn’t have cooled too much, otherwise get it on to boil again and wait for a minute or so to cool.

Empty your french press of the water you used to preheat and pour in your ground coffee.

Place your french press on your scale and tare to zero.

Start your timer and pour in your water trying to evenly cover the grounds.  Put the lid on the french press to keep some heat in but do not plunge the filter. (Remember 1ml water = 1g)

After 4mins take the lid off the press and break the ‘crust’ with your stirrer, you should see some the grounds sink into the water.  Replace the lid, again do not plunge the filter and wait for a further two minutes.

After the 2 minutes have passed gently and slowly plunge the filter to the bottom of the press.

If you are not serving all the coffee straight away decant the coffee into another vessel to prevent over extraction and a bitter taste.